RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange Add-on for Archicad 21, 22 & 23

The RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange for Archicad enables Archicad users to import RFA (Revit Families) into their Archicad project as objects including doors and windows.  It will also enable Archicad users to hotlink, import and export RVT geometry (Revit projects) in and out of Archicad. This is not a replacement for IFC workflows but intended for comparing imported RVT geometry to an Archicad model and exporting RVT geometry for comparison to a Revit model.

This Archicad Add-on is available for FREE from our Store. It is supported on both Mac and Windows platforms. Please visit our FAQ page. Sign up for our Newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, YouTube and LinkedIn!

For the Archicad 24 & 25 versions please download from -


                                                               BIM6x Template Kits for Archicad 25

The BIM6x Template Kits for Archicad 25 are the culmination of decades of Archicad implementation experience and are based on the feedback of thousands of users, with ongoing support from GRAPHISOFT. These are the most powerful commercially available template kits available anywhere and we are proud to offer a solution to meet any budget. 

The BIM6x Starter Kit is an entry level, but still very powerful solution, that is JUST $99 to download and easy to use! This kit is great if you intend to download the GRAPHISOFT Archicad Trial Version from or have already installed this free architectural design software. Perhaps you have purchased Archicad and are just starting out - this is the Archicad Template kit for you!

But the true power of a pre-linked Archicad template system is realized with our flagship solution - the BIM6x Power Kit. A whopping 766 views are linked onto 366 layouts, comprising Marketing, Schematic Design, Design Development & Construction Documentation Sets. This template includes all the typical phases and documentation sets to handle a four story building. The BIM6x Power Kit also includes the comprehensive 225 page BIM6x Power Manual 25 that explains everything in great detail and the three-story, fully modeled, data-rich BIM6x Power Project 25, provided for you to inspect and discover how a real building goes together and links into all the documentation sets. Look inside for a Preview! Two other templates are provided for cataloging standard details and making modules for your kit-of-parts. And supplementary files, such as Work Environments, Favorites, Folder Structures and more documentation means you get everything you need to succeed.

Already have a great template? That's fantastic! The more users using truly great templates the better! There's always ways to improve though and with Archicad being such a complex piece of software, we suspect you may learn more than you think from our kits, especially the BIM6x Power Kit, which is so much more than just a single template file! For the cost of a few hours of research, we think you're bound to find new features that could save you significant amounts of time and improve the quality of your work! Get the BIM6x Power Kit for just $599!

Please visit our Kit Comparison Page to see the differences between the Template Kits!  Existing Power Kit users can upgrade for just $199! Just selct the Upgrade option in the Store and Contact Us!

Our Archicad 25 Templates are based on the USA Archicad 25 Template.tpl (which we co-create), but do have metric settings for International users and can be customized for commercial projects. All templates are available for immediate download from our Store. You could be discovering a whole new world of Archicad within minutes!

If you're still unsure and would like to see the BIM6x Power Kit explained, please watch our Video Tutorial.




*Figures not yet updated for Archicad 25




To continue your journey, we guide you through the process of downloading Archicad for a free 30 day trial. We also offer you a BIM6x Starter Kit 25 so that you can experience the real power of a pre-linked template solution. GRAPHISOFT’s award winning application, Archicad is the best Architectural BIM application on the market. Over 30 years ago GRAPHISOFT ignited the BIM revolution with Archicad, the industry-leading BIM software for architects. With Archicad’s Building Information Modeling approach, architects can explore design ideas with full confidence, knowing that every detail is being captured and all documents are synchronized. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as the revolutionary BIMcloud™, the world’s first, real-time BIM collaboration environment. Open BIM design collaboration offers intelligent, model-based workflow between the members of the extended design team and architects using Archicad, resulting in greater efficiency in the building process. And BIMx is the ultimate BIM project presentation application. Whether you're an architect, builder, engineer, or interior designer, Archicad is the premier solution for your design, presentation, documentation and information solution. 

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