BIM6x is proud to offer ARCHIPLUS Members 30% off the BIM6x Power Kit 20, and our ArchiCHECKUP and ArchiBOOST services. Please find the details below! and don't forget to use your promo code when checking out!

ARCHIPLUS is an annual program offering ARCHICAD clients many advantages. This is also referred to as SSA or Software Service Agreement and is $700/year/license. In addition to always being up-to-date and benefitting from GRAPHISOFT's latest developmentsARCHIPLUS members enjoy the following benefits:

Exclusive ARCHIPLUS Subscriber Benefits:

  • Free ARCHICAD Upgrades
  • Premium Client Care Priority Technical Support via phone and email
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged license key coverage
  • Free objects released each quarter based on customer voting
  • Convert Old ARCHICAD files

Member Only Discounts:


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ArchiCHECKUP is a 111 point check that comprehensively examines your ARCHICAD project for issues related to Size, Speed and Structure. These are the three foundations that support a fast, efficient and reliable workflow and enables you to have 'healthy' projects!
After a thorough analysis of your file you will receive a detailed digital 46 page report which is divided into seven intuitive sections and each item is color coded to highlight all the opportunities for improvement, as well as showing you what you're doing right! Each point is thoroughly explained and a link is provided to the relevant section in the ARCHICAD 21 Online Help Center to help guide you, along with references to the ever-expanding BIM6x Blog where applicable.
Think of it as an express route to discovering the areas where you most need ARCHICAD training, but without the hassle of sitting through hours of irrelevant training or sifting through pages of redundant information. It's an incredibly valuable tool because what you don't know, you don't know and the ArchiCHECKUP will reveal issues that even the most experienced BIM Manager may not be aware of. At just $299 it represents a fantastic return on investment!


ArchiBOOST  is a 90 minute online ARCHICAD Training experience designed to boost your ARCHICAD knowledge and productivity. You get to share screens and quiz your own BIM6x ARCHICAD Expert for the entire time - all to yourself! You can discuss almost anything you want, from how to use a particular tool, to best workflow processes, to discovering new techniques, to getting the very most out of your templates, to BIM Server and even BIMx. Anything you need - and it's all recorded for you to review at any time! We will make sure you are absolutely happy with your experience. We'll even follow up later if there's anything we can't answer immediately. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


ArchiBOOST gets your personal ARCHICAD questions answered in the privacy of your own home or office. No one else watching, no one judging, no question too simple or too difficult. Schedule a time and date that suits you. Send in a list of questions ahead of time to get more value out of your session. Talk candidly with a world-class trainer who has years of practical and training experience. Share a project with your trainer and get immediate feedback and advice. Download a video recording of your session to keep and review at any time. Guaranteed follow-up support ticket for any question you stump us with. And all for just US$299!



ArchiTUNEUP  is a service offered by the experienced template builders at BIM6x to customize your ARCHICAD Template to make it as efficient as possible. Whether you use one of the BIM6x Template Kits or have your own, you can get the very most out of ARCHICAD! 


An ArchiTUNEUP can be used to improve almost any aspect of your template. Including Pre-linking your Viewpoints to your Views to your Layout Book to your Publisher Sets, setting up the Layout Book to meet your documentation requirements, preparing Publisher Sets for all your publishing needs, preparing the Data in your template and developing schedules, indexes & labels to extract that data, introducing Design Options to allow you to explore design alternatives, creating & customizing Work Environment Profiles specific to your office, users, or even individual computers, improving Library Management, organizing & streamlining Attributes, adjusting & implementing Project Settings, plus much more!



The first step after purchasing your solution is to engage the resources at BIM6x and throughout the ARCHICAD community. ARCHICAD is a complex and customizable program and we know you’ll have questions as you delve further into its capabilities. We offer online training or we are happy to send our world-renowned trainers into your office to train you and your team in a systematic, yet personalized program that suits the exact needs of your business. We can also recommend the best places to find help on your own. Please visit our All of Us page.

Do you require further assurance that this will all work on one of your current or upcoming projects? We can help there too. We can send in one of our experts to guide you through your first real project or help you online. Whether it’s a small house or a large commercial project, no job is too big or too small. We realize that every client and project requires unique needs.  

Are you a smaller firm, or any size firm needing to outsource (part of) your project? Are you looking to provide outsourcing services to other ARCHICAD users? We can connect you with other clients allowing you to expand and collaborate with other users. Our clients take advantage of the unprecedented BIM Server to collaborate in the office and around the world. The BIM Server is an easy to use, industry leading collaboration solution that allows clients to truly work on a single centralized BIM project.

Please Talk with Us for your Training, Implementation, and Outsourcing needs.










"The BIM test drive I attended magnified the speed and ease of developing a model using the BIM6x template, and illustrated the potential for improved coordination of the entire design/build team."

SJ Sheppard, Architect
West Yellowstone, MT
"We have been using Archicad at BMA LLC for over 15 years and have been super satisfied with the software! The integration of Architecture and Engineering into a complete BIM model helps us from the creative prelims through the Construction Documents combining with all the disciplines. We seem to be modeling more and more and that has helped us with the overall design, details and documentation. The power of Archicad is the seamless process of Design Development, Client Interaction, Documenting Working Drawings, and Construction Understanding and Visualization - the complete package!"

Tim Boden- Architect AIA NCARB, Boden Mountain Architecture
Sandpoint, ID