Updating your key for ARCHICAD 20


ARCHICAD 20 is almost here so it is time to think about what you need to do to use it.  The one thing you absolutely definitely MUST do is upgrade your key so that ARCHICAD 20 will run!

If you already have ARCHICAD 18 or 19 installed, you can go straight to launching the GS License Manager Tool - but if not, you will need to install the latest Codemeter drivers which you can find at this link.  All you need to do is download the Windows or Mac OS version and install it on your system.  That will allow your computer to recognise your key when it is plugged in.  

Launch the GS License Manager Tool

With the drivers installed (recently or with a previous ARCHICAD) you need to run the GRAPHISOFT License Manager Tool.  This enables you to manage your ARCHICAD Licenses and any changes or updates to them.  

The GS License Manager Tool can be found in the usual places you find Programs or Applications on your computer (Start menu or Launchpad) or in the following locations:

Windows - C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\License Manager Tool

Mac OS - Applications/Graphisoft/GRAPHISOFT License Manager

If you cannot find the Tool, you will need to install it.  

Install the GS License Manager Tool

Please follow these steps to install the Tool...

STEP 01:  Unplug

If any keys are connected to your computer they need to be unplugged for the installation of the GS License Manager Tool

STEP 02:  Download

The Installer can be downloaded from the following links for Windows: or for Mac OS.

STEP 03:  Install

Run the Installer that has been downloaded, following the instructions given and restart your computer if prompted.

STEP 04:  Plug

After the installation is complete you can reconnect you license key

STEP 05:  Run

Start the GS License Manager Tool

Using the GS License Manager Tool

As the name suggests, the GS License Manager Tool will allow you to manage any changes or updates to your licenses and guide you through the update process (required when upgrading to ARCHICAD 20).

When you launch the GS License Manager Tool, you will see the following Welcome dialog:

When you are ready and you have ensured your computer is connected to the internet and your key(s) is plugged in, click continue.

If any updates to the Tool are available, you will be informed at this stage:

Clicking OK will direct you to the Windows or Mac OS download site.  

Once you have installed the update you will return to the Welcome screen which will then lead to the main Manager Tool:

There are three main areas to look at:

  1. Shows the connected key(s) and the license number(s) plus the current status (up to date or updates available)

  2. Shows the content of the current key and would also show the update content

  3. Shows the main update button that will allow the key to be reprogrammed

When you are ready to update your key to ARCHICAD 20, select it from the list of available key(s), confirm the update is what you are expecting then click the Update Licenses button.

Once the update is complete you can close the GS License Manager Tool and launch ARCHICAD 20!


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