Think you know Archicad? Take the 10-Minute Challenge!


So you think you know Archicad pretty well? We think there's a lot of time-saving tips and tricks even the seasoned veterans can still learn!


Take the 10-minute challenge and watch this small sample of 12 hours of tips and tricks that will be covered in the 2020 ArchiSUMMIT.  If you learn something new - sign up!



This represents just a small fraction of what we will cover during the event! Less than 1.5%, so there is lenty more where that came from!


Check out the graph below. If, after the event, you save a mere 10 minutes per day, this will add up to saving 42 hours a year. With a $100 billable rate, that is over $4200 in the next 12 months. AND the course will have paid for itself before 2021 even begins! But we know you'll save more than 10 minutes a day!



Don't have time to watch 12 hours of information-rich presentations, taught by experts with decades of experience? We got you covered! It will all be recorded and yours to enjoy for a full 30 days!


Don't think you'll get your questions answered? We have Q&A sessions every day and will give you 30 days to follow up and get you everything you need!


Want more? We'll also throw in a FREE BIM6x Power Kit at $399 value, 50% off a 1-Year Modelport subscription, 20% off ArchiBOOST, and $70 the ASM Techbase Twinmotion Masterclass!


So what will you do with your extra time and money?


Sign up now at!

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“The decision to adopt Archicad as our company’s only BIM modeling platform was the best decision I ever made! Not only do we produce professional three-dimensional details and artistic construction documents, we are able to quickly update the drawings anytime a revision occurs. Graphisoft provides best-in-class support and has been very responsive to our needs.”

Patrick Bird, Riverstone Structural Concepts
Boise, ID
"Chris and Link have been an invaluable asset for my company. While Archicad itself is an amazing tool, it's the support I get from BIM6x that brings it to life. I've managed a competitive edge over other firms because the guys have helped me automate a great deal of my production work and utilize the power of the software to all but eliminate errors and omissions. They're very accessible and their knowledge of the industry and software makes them indispensable to any firm that wants to utilize Archicad to produce high quality projects with efficiency and accuracy. I absolutely recommend them; it's not a choice, they're essential."

Christopher Lee - Owner, Design Associates Architects
Jackson, WY