BIM6x Template Kits for Archicad 24 - Available Now!


BIM6x is proud to announce that the BIM6x Template Kits for Archicad 24 are available now! Yes! As we help GRAPHISOFT create the Archicad 24 Template, we are able to deliver our template kits the very same day that Archicad 24 is released!


The kits include core attributes that match the Archicad Template 24, so all the library parts and addons will work seamlessly. We have also updated them to take advantage of all the latest Archicad 24 features. These templates are the most comprehensive templates on the market. We have great prices and existing template users can upgrade for just $99! So don't wait for any other template to be released later, grab a BIM6x Template Kit now!


The following updates were made in Revision 24.3004. for Archicad 24:

  • Updated Work Environment Profiles & Schemes
  • Migrated Libraries
  • Updated Favorites
  • Added MEP Pens with matching Pens & Surfaces
  • Updated MEP Preferences
  • Updated Structural Analytical Model Units
  • Updated Structural Analytical Model Generation Rules
  • Updated SAF Import & Export Translators
  • Updated Model Check defaults
  • Updated Collision Detection defaults
  • Added AUDIT - RENOVATION FILTERS Graphic Override Combination to show renovation status of elements
  • Set Generic Axonometry 3D Window Projection to Isometric
  • Updated Grid System Settings
  • Included [OVERRIDE ALL] Renovation Filter
  • Updated MEP Routing Option defaults
  • Set all MEP Tool defaults, including new matching systems, pens, surfaces
  • Added SAF view and settings
  • Added TWINMOTION view and settings
  • Updated all View Settings
  • Updated Dimension, pointer, and text settings.
  • Added new MEP layers, surfaces & systems.
  • Updated all Mechanical view settings, views to MEP
  • Made all new hidden layers have a priority of 0.
  • Updated Classifications & Properties to Archicad 24
  • Updated Find & Select Criteria
  • Set wall, roof and slab favorites to wall and plate Structural Member
  • Changed Issue Register project index, view, layout and master layouts to Transmittal Register
  • Included Error Highlight pen and assign to GOs
  • Re-index layer combos based on alphabetical order
  • Adjust AC24 build number in project notes




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