There is a better way to manage your BIM issues



  • Based on the IFC and BCF file format, worldwide industry standards
  • Integrations in Autodesk® Revit®, Archicad®, Trimble Connect and more...
  • Works perfectly with Autodesk® BIM360®, Dropbox, SOLIBRI and much more...

Why BIMcollab?

  • BIMcollab simplifies issue management with a structured way of storing, sharing, and resolving issues
  • BIMcollab integrates with virtually all the major BIM tools and collaboration platforms
  • BIMCollab allows you to collaborate with everyone
  • BIMcollab allows you to keep your projects on track

Why BIMcollab ZOOM?

  • BIMcollab ZOOM brings IFC model viewing and validating fully integrated into the issue management workflow
  • BIMcollab ZOOM helps to analyze data to find design and coordination flaws and to verify solutions
  • BIMcollab ZOOM is the perfect solution to realize and discuss issues in design review meetings
  • BIMcollab ZOOM is fast and intuitive even with large models
  • BIMcollab ZOOM has clash detection!

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"BIM6x is professional, courteous, and consistently responsive to questions, making their prompt resourceful technical support invaluable."

SJ Sheppard, Architect
West Yellowstone, MT
“The bulk of my career in architecture has been firmly and happily spent in the Fine Art world of the commonly known 2D hand rendering style and the skillful play between pen weights and poche, or shadows. However, there is an incredible shift in this profession today that is even more beautiful – 3D modeling and BIM production in Archicad. Graphisoft has built for my firm such a powerful platform for rendering that today’s most savvy clients get excited. No matter the style or size of architecture, the production end of Archicad and BIM makes this architect and business owner excited!”

Shelli Mittmann, Mittmann Architect
Post Falls, ID