Boost Your ARCHICAD Experience!

  • Are you stuck and need fast expert ARCHICAD help?
  • Are there areas of ARCHICAD where you're not as proficient as you'd like to be? 
  • Wish you could have a world class ARCHICAD Trainer sit side-by-side with you?
  • Don’t like group trainings?
  • Want to ask questions freely in the privacy of a one-on-one mentoring session?.  
  • Don't know what you don't know?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then ArchiBOOST is for you!



What is ArchiBOOST?

ArchiBOOST is a 90 minute online ARCHICAD Training experience designed to boost your ARCHICAD knowledge and productivity.

You get to share screens and quiz your own BIM6x ARCHICAD Expert for the entire time - all to yourself! You can discuss anything you want*. From how to use a particular tool, to best workflow processes, to discovering new techniques, to getting the very most out of your templates, to BIM Server and even BIMx. Anything you need - and it's all recorded for you to review at any time! We will make sure you are absolutely happy with your experience. We'll even follow up later if there's anything we can't answer immediately. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!



What are the Benefits?

Boost your ARCHICAD knowledge and productivity! ArchiBOOST gets your personal ARCHICAD questions answered in the privacy of your own home or office. No one else watching, no one judging, no question too simple or too difficult. Schedule a time and date that suits you. Send in a list of questions ahead of time to get more value out of your session. Talk candidly with a world-class trainer who has years of practical and training experience. Share a project with your trainer and get immediate feedback and advice. Download a video recording of your session to keep and review at any time. Guaranteed follow-up support ticket for any question you stump us with*. And all for an affordable price!



How Does it Work?

Schedule a session up to four weeks in advance on our interactive calendar on the following page. Send us any questions you have available as you book. Pay using a secure payment facility. You will get an email reminder one hour before then just prior to your scheduled time simply visit our online training page, download a small app, connect your audio and share your screen! Our ARCHICAD guru will guide you through your questions on your computer. Or your guru's computer. And control can always be switched between the two of you! Detailed instructions are here if you're really interested!





How do I Book an ArchiBOOST Training Session?

Sessions are currently available in the following USA Time Zones timeslots, on any week day:

PST MST CST EST Convert to Your Local Time
8:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM Local time
10:00 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM Local time
12:00 AM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM Local time
2:00 PM 3:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM Local time


Simply use the scheduling calendar on the following page to book a day and time that suits you. After payment an email confirmation will be sent to you followed by a reminder one hour before your session. Then just log in shortly prior to the scheduled training time! Need to reschedule? No worries - reschedule at any time. We're here to help when it suits you! Don't see a time that will work for you? Talk with Us.


How Much Does it Cost?

Each 90 minute session costs just US$299. For that you will get any ARCHICAD question answered immediately*, plus a video recording of the whole session made available to you shortly after the session ends. Anything we are unable to help you with immediately, we will discuss it as a team, contact Tech Support at Graphisoft Headquarters if required and follow up with a timely support ticket to resolve the issue.



Is Anything Not Covered?

*The purpose of an ArchiBOOST is to boost your knowledge and productivity in ARCHICAD. The focus is on improving your efficiency, so yes, certain topics are not covered. These include: 

  • Advanced Cinerender
  • Advanced Calculation & Listing
  • Advanced IFC Set-up
  • Advanced BIM Server or BIMcloud Set-up
  • GDL Coding
  • Energy Evaluation
  • Fixing Third-party Template Issues
  • Add-on Support
  • CodeMeter & Licensing Issues
  • Bug Fixing


Graphisoft's own Technical Support is available to handle technical issues such as BIM Server connection issues, licensing problems and bug reporting. For those issues, we can put you in touch with them! ArchiBOOST is guaranteed for the latest version of ARCHICAD. Previous versions of ARCHICAD will certainly be addressed but are not guaranteed to be resolved. ArchiBOOST is available in English only, although we do offer a variety of accents!



What do I Need?

Apart from an eagerness to learn, you'll need an adequate internet speed, to have an enjoyabe experience. A reliable internet connection will prevent lag during video and audio exchange, and prevent any possible drop-outs. We recommend at least a 1.5Mbps upload speed. If you can meet this upload speed you should have more than adequate download speed. We recommend using to determine your internet connection. Be sure to stop all internet activities before starting the process. This includes email and web browsing applications, especially any streaming service currently active in your home or office!



If your internet speed doesn't reach 1.5Mbps for upload and you're on wifi, try connecting a CAT5 or CAT6 cable to your modem. Or try another wifi. Otherwise you may need to contact your IT manager or internet provider to increase your service. Truth is you would want a faster connection anyway if you are going to use ARCHICAD's Teamwork remotely!



How Do I Connect?

Once it's time to get started you will need to follow the simple steps putlined in the video below (no sound). You will be sent a reminder with a link to this video one hour prior to your session:




Who are the Trainers?

You'll be trained by one of the BIM6x world class ARCHICAD experts. We'll attempt to let you know which trainer you'll get prior to the session. And we have a close relationship with the Graphisoft Technical Support team in the US and in Hungary, so we're backed by the best!


Link Ellis - BIM6x ARCHICAD Technical Director

Link is an internationally recognized ArchiCAD Expert of ArchiLINK, top ten ArchiCAD-Talk poster, BIM Manager & all round good guy. Link specializes in getting the very last drop out of ArchiCAD, creating awesome customized templates & has a knack for knowing every trick in the book!


Kevin Wichmann - BIM6x ARCHICAD Consultant

Kevin has been using, training and supporting BIM for almost 25 years.  This old dog is not only a well-known trainer, but as president of CADDesigns has also completed over 400 successful projects. Kevin's expertise is in starting with a blank file and ending up with a successful well organized BIM project.


Symm Vafeades - BIM6x ARCHICAD Consultant

Symm Vafeades is a self-taught ArchiCAD guru. Since picking up ArchiCAD in 1994, he has worked as a draftsman, project manager, BIM Manager, designer, helpdesk support and trainer. Managing BIM Servers and developing ArchiCAD techniques and workflows are some of his specialties. Over his career, Symm has developed a thorough understanding of the finer points of ArchiCAD, and that they are key to unlocking the potential of BIM moving forward.


Chris Clark - BIM6x ARCHICAD Solutions Director

Chris is a recovering 2D CAD user from 17 years ago.  As president of Visual Motion, Chris has successfully implemented BIM in hundreds of small and medium size firms throughout the Intermountain West. In addition, he has worked on hundreds of consulting projects providing services from design to production/documentation and rendering/animation.





Got More Questions?

If you have any more questions, please go ahead and talk with us. We'll be thrilled to hear from you! And remember, there's no question too simple or too difficult.



Sound Like Something You Need?!

If you're happy with what you've read then please - get started today!




"We consider BIM6x a valuable part of our company. Not only have they customized templates to meet our office needs, their team is responsive and continues to provide the technical support we need for daily operations. This is a key service for any company who doesn't have an in-house BIM Manager."

Veronica Schreibeis, Vera Iconica Architecture
Jackson, WY
"We have been using ARCHICAD at BMA LLC for over 15 years and have been super satisfied with the software! The integration of Architecture and Engineering into a complete BIM model helps us from the creative prelims through the Construction Documents combining with all the disciplines. We seem to be modeling more and more and that has helped us with the overall design, details and documentation. The power of ARCHICAD is the seamless process of Design Development, Client Interaction, Documenting Working Drawings, and Construction Understanding and Visualization - the complete package!"

Tim Boden- Architect AIA NCARB, Boden Mountain Architecture
Sandpoint, ID