Tune Up Your ARCHICAD Template!

  • Do you want to have a highly automated template?
  • Want things highly customized to suit your exact business needs?
  • Wish things just worked consistently with your projects? 
  • Don't have the time to make all changes you need?
  • Don’t know the full power a professional ARCHICAD template can have?
  • Want the best practices included by world class ARCHICAD template builders?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then ArchiTUNEUP is for you!



What is ArchiTUNEUP?

ArchiTUNEUP is a service offered by the experienced template builders at BIM6x to customize your ARCHICAD Template to make it as efficient as possible.

Whether you use one of the BIM6x Template Kits or have your own, you can get the very most out of ARCHICAD! Including pre-linked views and layouts, schedules, indexes, rendering settings, and work environment profiles.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!



What are the Benefits? 

We all know the key to success with ARCHICAD comes down to a good template and the knowledge how to use it! You may have seen the following graph from Shoegnome that shows the difference between a 2D CAD Workflow, Idealized BIM and a BIM+Template Workflow. We agree with the workflows portrayed in this graph and are particularly interested in the first phase: Templating. With BIM6x Templates and/or an ArchiTUNEUP the time to set up your ARCHICAD Template can be reduced to an almost negligible margin. However the benefits are ongoing. You will eliminate much of the time it takes to develop your own template, project initiation will be a breeze and the documentation & publishing can be almost 100% automated.




What can be Tuned Up?

For people who have invested in BIM6x ARCHICAD Template Kits, there are typical modifications that need to be made to templates before they should be implemented. These include:

  • Converting the template to metric for International users
  • Removing either the 24x36 or 30x42 Layout Sets
  • Deleting any unwanted views, subsets, layouts, folders and masters you know you’ll never need
  • Deleting any unwanted attributes and settings, especially any redundant ones you have from deleting the above
  • Changing the title blocks on all master layouts to include your company logo and information
  • Changing the Project Info to include your company credentials
  • Changing the Masters to suit your size requirements and view scales and relocate placed drawings
  • Changing the story heights and reference levels
  • Setting up your printer in the Print Publishing Set
  • Setting up your DWG Translators in the DWG Publishing Set
  • Setting up the IFC Translators in the IFC Publisher Set
  • Setting up the IFC Translators in the IFC for COBie Publisher Set


For anyone with their own template or another purchased template, we can help by simply casting an eye over it. There's so many areas to improve templates. These include:


  • Pre-linking your Viewpoints to your Views to your Layout Book to your Publisher Sets.
    • This is the most significant area to optimize your workflow and automates the backend of creating your deliverables. And your template will be predictable, consistent and easy for staff to learn and use correctly. With less time managing and more time designing!
    • This includes naming all Views accordingly and setting all View Settings




  • Setting up the Layout Book to meet your documentation requirements:
  • Customize all Master Layouts according to your printer's specific page settings
  • Transfer your title block information to all Master Layouts including the use of Autotext for typical information
  • Creating subsets based on your specific documentation phases, such as Marketing, Schematic Design, Design Development, & Construction Documentation
  • Set all pages to be automatically named and numbered according to your preferences
  • Pre-place Drawings and specify correct Drawing Settings


  • Preparing Publisher Sets for all your publishing needs such as:
  • BIMx PRO
  • DWG 
  • Excel
  • IFC
  • PDF
  • Print
  • Plot
  • Renders


  • Preparing the Data in your template and Schedules, Indexes & Labels to extract that data:
  • Including ARCHICAD Properties & mapping to IFC Properties
  • Creating Element, Component and Surface Schedules
  • Developing Project Indexes for Drawing Indexes, Issue Registers, Project Audits, & BIMx Info
  • Setting up automatic Labels
  • Providing Find & Select Criteria 
  • Establishing BCF integration via Mark-ups


  • Introducing Design Options to allow you to explore design alternatives all in the same place.


  • Creating & Customizing Work Environment Profiles specific to your office, users, or even individual computers:
  • User Preference Schemes
  • Company Standard Schemes
  • Shortcut Schemes
  • Tool Schemes
  • Workspace Schemes
  • Command Layout Schemes


  • Improving Library Management:
  • Introducing best practices for library management, including third party libraries and parts
  • Consolidating Embedded Libraries, Linked Libraries and BIM Server Libraries
  • Reducing the amount of unwanted library parts and textures
  • Solving Missing Library Parts and Duplicate Objects
  • Migrating Libraries and Objects
  • Checking Background Update Compatibility for Objects


  • Organizing & Streamlining Attributes:
  • Layers
  • Layer Combinations
  • Pen Sets
  • Pens and Colors
  • Fill Types
  • Composite Structures
  • Profiles
  • Surfaces
  • Building Materials
  • Zone Categories
  • Cities
  • Operation Profiles


  • Adjusting & Implementing Project Settings:
  • Properties
  • Scale
  • Partial Structure Display
  • Model View Option Combinations
  • Graphical Overrides
  • Renovation Filters
  • Dimension Standards
  • Zoom
  • Mark-up Styles
  • Grids & Backgrounds
  • Project Location
  • Reference Levels
  • Project Notes
  • Project Info
  • DXF-DWG Translators
  • IFC Translators


  • There's plenty more to customizing templates too, such as setting up defaults, assisting with detail catalogs, correct & efficient use of hotlinked modules, setting up folder structures for optimal file management.



How Do I Know if I Need an ArchiTUNEUP?
If you are still not convinced how important an ArchiTUNEUP is we recommend getting an ArchiCHECKUP first. We will review one of your best (or worst!) ARCHICAD projects and conduct a 100 point check on it. You will receive a 40 page report detailing your strengths and weaknesses. From that you can determine if you need an ArchiTUNEUP and where to best focus on improving your template. Please take a look at ArchiCHECKUP and decide for yourself!





Is Anything Not Covered?

*The purpose of an ArchiTUNEUP is to boost your knowledge and productivity in ARCHICAD. The focus is on improving your efficiency, so yes, certain topics are not covered. These include: 

  • Advanced Cinerender
  • Advanced Calculation & Listing
  • Advanced IFC Set-up
  • Advanced BIM Server or BIMcloud Set-up
  • GDL Coding
  • Energy Evaluation
  • Add-on Support
  • Bug Fixing


Only templates in ARCHICAD 19 or 20 will be reviewed. Only templates in English can be accepted as we don't speak other languages!



How Much Does it Cost?

With so many variables based on what you may need accomplished, it is almost impossible to provide a price without first discussing your needs. Please continue below where you can talk with us to discuss your options. It's absolutely obligation free!



Sound Like Something You Need?!

If you're happy with what you've read then please - get started today!


"BIM6x combines the business support of Visual Motion with the Archicad expertise of ArchiLINK in one superior organization. Visual Motion has long been a source of sales and support for Graphisoft’s Archicad. Chris Clark’s support goes far beyond that and he is my go-to person for any Archicad related issues. ArchiLINK’s continuing education and training is world-class. I’m excited to have the power of both together."

Wayne Ruemmele, Partner Architect, Epikos Design
McCall, Idaho
"BIM6x has afforded our firm the ability to transition from a traditional CAD program to Archicad. Their expertise, availability and desire for us to succeed has made the transition smooth. The tools they provided allowed us to change our internal process to maximize the use of Archicad."

Michael A. Gardner - Principal, Studio G Architecture
Las Vegas, NV